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Odinrise Weightlifting Lever Belt

Odinrise Weightlifting Lever Belt

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The original Odinrise weightlifting belt. Premium quality 13mm heavy duty belt featuring the highly sought after double breasted buckle to save any mucking around with screwdrivers for tightness or looseness depending on how you need it for that exact lift. Ideal for sizing up or down when needed for weight cuts, bulks or whenever you need during your training.

This weightlifting belt gives off the best fit to your lifting needs ensuring you are getting the most out of your training in the gym or your lifts at competitions.

The benefits of this heavy duty belt are endless from its robust material to its ease of use, make your lifts seem effortless in the gym with the Odinrise weightlifting belt.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Best belt you can get!

Bought my belt recently and all I’ve done is rave about it to anyone I know who weight lift! I have had issues with my back for years and have used other belts which have Never gave me the support I’ve needed that this the odinrise belt has given me the past week I’ve had it. Amazing quality and looks great on. I love how you can adjust the belt easily to however tight or loose you want and the release latch to remove is easy after lifting and your not messing about trying to take a belt off. I’d never go back to any of the generic belts again!

Jimmy Gibson

First proper belt I have bought and I'm more than happy with it. Previous belts have came loose in the past and can be off putting before a big lift. I can say this belt gives me more confidence and I will guarantee I will pull a 400kg+ deadlift representing odinrise.

Great quality and design

Best belt i have had, super high quality material used, the holes throughout the belt mean is easily adjusted with the buckle to different sizes, meaning no annoying screwdrivers. Sleek design and colour scheme. Provides ultimate support from heavy deadlifts to heavy squats. Highly recomend for the price.

Slogan doesn't lie, belt is super.

Belt is clearly made of some proper premium materials. Makes it not only durable for those heavy lifts but ideal to brace against! The buckle is the highlight for me, belt goes on and stays on until your finished all your sets with the way the double buckle works as well as giving plenty of bulking or cutting options from the buckle holes.
Ideal purchase for any lifter looking to enhance their lifting potential!!

Paul Montgomery
Sturdy, comfortable and looks great

This belt is a big step up from any previous weight belts I’ve used. Gives so much support and the locking system is brilliant. Worth every penny for this belt and it’s helping me improve my lifts already after only wearing it 4/5 times.